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By whibla / March 29, 2019

Social networks as a Recruitment System!


We are a technology company that understands that the search, recruitment and selection of talent through the web, with the support of social networks is causing great changes; It is favoring the attraction of talent, among large companies, and the feasibility of a quick approach to the candidate through a click.

You’ve probably wondered Is there suitable talent in social networks? Are there job offers in social networks? Can you trust job offers in social networks? This type of questions is often asked by the public, as a human resources staff we know that social networks are a practical platform and that they are available to everyone, which makes these platforms ideal when searching and selecting profiles, for What we can say that platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp are the most used tools today.

The process to contact through social networks is an organized process, which involves: Planning, Organization, Control and Communication. Some of the recruiters who use social networks as a selection process consider that you only have to search the social network like LinkedIn, Facebook, or others, and that is a mistake, as a human resources staff we do an administration job, in general a professional job, with the basic elements of a task and the approach of attracting talent to the company.


Having social networks and web 2.0 is a very important benefit for Pliret, so the human resources staff uses them in the best way because that helps us as a company to attract staff, recruit, hire, and answer the candidates’ questions and provide excellent customer service.

“In Recruitment and Selection 2.0, as in any activity with social media, there is no magic or magicians, you must count and comply with all the elements required by a competitive process, which are: a good company, a good offer, and this way we will recruit and select good talent “

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