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By whibla / March 18, 2019

We Moved!

All changes in their time are positive, since we live in a world that changes constantly, and increasingly faster.

Technology, services, products, and companies make changes in order to improve day by day and maintain a good pace.

As we know that being up to date and level is necessary, so deciding to change our location in order to adapt to the new times, and be able to offer a new and improved image was a strategic decision to make.

As a company we carry out an investigation in which we evaluate pro and cons about changing places, we evaluate location, traffic and the possibilities of access to the new place, in the same way we verify if it is a strategic and centric place, this last factor is important for us since we want more people to know us and know what we do.


The new location of Pliret is in the Insigne Building, in the Zona Rosa, which is an office network that allows us to offer a new and different approach for a positive change, in the same way it gives a greater prestige to our company.

The market is becoming increasingly competitive, so for Pliret it is important to expand to new horizons, look for new challenges and opportunities, increase work well-being and take the initiative to jump to new opportunities for progress.


We are looking for you,
come and meet us!

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