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By whibla / January 25, 2019

Pliret experience hiring staff

When hiring staff, Pliret understands the need and the importance of recruiting and selecting personnel, since we know that adapting to the company should be ideal for adapting and delivering at the level expected.

It is important to know that the process of recruitment and selection of personnel that we as a company carry out is a set of stages or steps that aim to recruit and select the most suitable personnel to place them in a position.

1. Detection of needs
The first thing we do as a company when we decide to hire staff is to establish what positions we have to cover within the company. It is essential to know what are the needs of the company when hiring.

2. Definition of the profile of the candidate
Secondly, we review the qualities that the candidate must fulfill and establish what activities he / she should perform, what technical knowledge he / she must have, experience, values, ability to work in teams and work under pressure, levels of study, language, etc.

3. Call or search
In this phase we must carry out a search of the profiles in the different platforms such as Computrabajo and Tecoloco, in which possible candidates are presented that meet the requirements that we have established in the two previous stages. In the same way, the curriculum of said candidates is managed and modified.

4. Pre-selection
Once we have received the information from the
candidates, we make a first selection, the most common way is based on the candidates’ CV. For example, it is usually taken into account if the training is appropriate to the position offered.

5. Selection
The shortlisted candidates will move on to the next phase of the selection process. As a company we conducted a job interview and psychological tests, after that an interview is scheduled to do a technical test in the company that have been requested. Finally, an in- depth job interview is given to candidates who have passed the different tests.

6. Report of candidates
At this point in the process we compile a list of each of
the applicants and make a report with the pros and cons of each of them. In this way the candidate will be easier.

7. Decision making
It is the most difficult moment, choosing one of all the candidates presented. We must choose the one that best
fits the profile we are looking for.

8. Hiring
This is when we sign the contract with the selected person. In it all the conditions will be determined: position that will occupy in the company, functions to perform, remuneration, the time that will work in the company, etc. All of them tasks of the talent management of the human resources of a company.

9. Incorporation to the post
Our candidate begins to work in our company, as companies we establish a trial period of three months before making an indefinite contract or end of work.
In this phase, the head of the area must accompany the new component to formally introduce their colleagues, make a tour of the company, so that the new member of the staff is familiarized with the operation and standards of the company.

10. Training
We must ensure that the new member of our team adapts as soon as possible to the tasks to be performed, at this stage the candidate is given a training, with the aim that he knows the work methodologies of the company, tools that They use, or any type of information that the employee does not know and needs for their job.

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